Partnership Announcement: Simplicity Group

Zero365 has partnered with Simplicity Group, a financial services and technology consulting firm. The partnership will combine Zerø365’s expertise in crypto marketing with Simplicity Group’s deep economic and regulatory insights to help clients achieve their business goals.

About Simplicity Group

Simplicity Group is dedicated to bringing clarity to the complex world of crypto. Being in the space since 2017 allows them to help anyone navigate the world of crypto with ease and confidence.

As a team of economists, researchers, and successful founders, their diverse schools of thought blend to form a holistic and comprehensive set of services that focus on tackling the biggest problems in the space from multiple angles: token architecture, due diligence, research, and portfolio management.

Their passion for the technology and the financial revolution it accommodates is second to none. Hence, they are proud to be at the forefront of innovation, finding solutions to problems that bear weight on the entire industry. At Simplicity Group, they aim to pioneer a new financial world.

The partnership with Simplicity Group reflects our commitment to offering our clients the best possible services, and a high level of expertise to help them succeed in the crypto space.

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