Partnership Announcement FireX

Zero365 has entered into a strategic partnership with FireX, an investment firm
specializing in digital assets and Web3 opportunities.
This partnership marks an expansion of FireX’s service offerings for their investments
and provides us with the opportunity to share our extensive global marketing expertise
and consultation with their portfolio clients.

FireX focuses on investing in and supporting projects that drive innovative changes.
This includes investments in tools for Decentralized and Hybrid Finance, digital assets
crucial for the Metaverse, and software enabling widespread consumer involvement in
the future of the internet.

With a commitment to a long-term, global, and hands-on investment approach, FireX
actively collaborates with and supports its investment projects to help them achieve
their goals and ensure sustainable, long-term growth.

Teaming up with FireX highlights our commitment to delivering services and
collaborating closely with organizations that bring a wealth of expertise to the entire
Web3 space.

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